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Bomet digitise health system to address drug waste – Kenya News Agency

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In a bid to enhance the efficiency of healthcare services, the County Government of Bomet has announced the implementation of an online system for the management of drug stocks.

This system aims at tracking the supply of medicines from Longisa County Hospital to various healthcare facilities within the county, ensuring timely access to essential medications for patients.

Speaking to the press at Longisa County Referral Hospital during the reception of medicine worth Sh32 million from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), Dr. Felix Langat, the County Chief Officer for Health, emphasized the importance of the new online system.

He highlighted that it would allow for better accountability of used medicine and facilitate the tracking of drug availability across different health facilities.

Dr. Langat explained, “This system will enable us to trace the availability of medicines in various hospitals, facilitating coordination and ensuring that needed drugs are accessible where required.”

The implementation of this system addresses concerns raised by residents regarding insufficient drug supplies, with accusations of medications being diverted to private hospitals.

Dr. Langat clarified that the new system would enable accurate monitoring of drug distribution, dispelling misconceptions about drug availability in public healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, the online system streamlines the management of medicine expiry dates, ensuring that medications are utilized efficiently across all sub-counties.

Dr. Langat emphasized the importance of utilising drugs nearing expiry to prevent losses, stating, “We will be able to identify medicines nearing expiry and redistribute them accordingly to avoid wastage.”

The efficient delivery of medical supplies has been significantly improved under the new management of the national government.

Dr. Joseph Sitonik, the Bomet County Health CEC, commended the increased supply delivery rate, with 83% of ordered supplies being delivered compared to previous years.

“The adoption of a last-mile delivery approach ensures that supplies are directly delivered to healthcare facilities, bypassing the need for centralized distribution at the county hospital,” explained Dr. Sitonik.

This direct delivery method guarantees timely confirmation of supply at each hospital, enhancing overall efficiency in healthcare service delivery.

Dr. Sitonik emphasized the significance of timely supply, particularly during the challenging months following the budget reading when revenue allocation to counties takes time.

He encouraged the public to utilize primary healthcare facilities and announced the imminent arrival of vaccines for children, urging parents to ensure timely vaccination for their children.

By Lamech Willy. A.

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