Democrats are gnashing their teeth at the gates of the White House

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Fox News host Jesse Watters argues President Biden is holding the Democratic Party “hostage” by vowing to stay in the 2024 race in his opening monologue on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Tonight, Washington’s in the middle of a hostage crisis after Joe Biden took the entire Democratic Party captive. This morning, he sent a ransom note. I mean, a letter, with a list of demands telling the Democrats he’s firmly committed to staying in this race, whether they like it or not. “Stick with me and no one gets hurt.” While Democrats are looking around saying, if we stick with you, we all get hurt. If they lose, they’re going to lose with him, not with anybody else. 


It wouldn’t be fair to the Democrats who have already voted, Joe says, as if the party cares about voter integrity. Like all hostage negotiations, you bring a family member in to talk the hostage taker down. This morning, “Morning Joe” tried to talk to the president into releasing the hostages and resigning. It didn’t go well.

Biden’s bunkered up with Hunter holding the party hostage, screaming at “Morning Joe” about the elites, the very people who put Joe in the White House and have been covering for him. Biden can still be a Delaware senator if it wasn’t for the CIA, Obama donors, FBI and the media who parachuted him into the presidency during Covid and hid his condition. Biden wanted to be Abe Lincoln so badly he got himself into a civil war. Like a bunch of Arab Spring breakers, Democrats are gnashing their teeth at the gates of the White House, demanding Joe come out with his hands up.


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