‘If the shoe fits’: Origin stories behind popular expressions, plus our newest American Culture Quiz

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FUN ORIGINS – “If the shoe fits,” “goody two shoes” and “shaking in my boots” — Why do we use these phrases and where did they come from? Continue reading…

GREAT FOOD DEBATE – Nutritionists reveal the verdict behind the hamburger-hot dog face-off, and which is “better” for your health. Continue reading…

WHAT’S YOUR SCORE? – The American Culture Quiz tests readers on trends, history, people and popular interests. Try the latest. Test yourself…

American culture quiz graphic

American culture quiz! How well do you know these facts about this week’s topics?  (Getty Images/iStock)

BBQ BUYS – Up your BBQ game this summer with these grilling essentials – all items are available on Amazon. Continue reading…

HIDDEN TREASURE – The expedition to the site of the San José shipwreck, located in the Caribbean Sea, began last week. Archaeologists believe there may be billions worth of gold and jewels in the wreck. Continue reading…

HEROES NEVER DIE – A WWII hero’s grave inspired a songwriter’s ballad decades after the soldier was killed in combat. Continue reading…

Ervin O. Jones thumb split

Army PFC Ervin O. Jones was killed on April 17, 1945, during the Battle of Okinawa. His Georgia grave inspired musician Craig Gleason to write “The Ballad of Ervin O. Jones” seven decades later. (Jones Family/Craig Gleason and Will Lester/MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty Images)

‘BEST IDEA’ – A new trend of baking cottage cheese in the oven has become increasingly popular on TikTok. Bakers and dietitians weighed in on the pros and cons behind the viral hack. Continue reading…

CALLING ALL CROSSWORD PUZZLE LOVERS! – Play our Fox News daily crossword puzzle for free here! And not just one — check out the multiple offerings. See the puzzles…

crossword split

Play the Fox News daily online crossword puzzle — free! Solve daily puzzles, learn new words and help strengthen your mind with fun games. (iStock)








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