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Marsabit community gathers to honor fallen peace advocates

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The National Heroes Council, top government officials, local leaders, widows, and residents of Marsabit County converged at Kofia Mbaya Hill to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the tragic death of 14 political leaders who perished while on a peace mission to the region.

Emotions ran high as attendees climbed the hill in remembrance of the fallen heroes and heroines, honouring their legacy and contributions to peace.

The National Heroes Council Chief Executive Officer, Charles Wambia, revealed that the council is advocating for the establishment of a monument on the hill to commemorate the leaders’ efforts to foster peace among warring communities.

In their speeches, leaders emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration for the sake of development in the region.

The proposed monument will serve as a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by these leaders in their quest for peace.

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