TikTok star dons dress in honor of Israeli hostages at the Grammys: ‘Bring them home’

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Singer and social media influencer Montana Tucker, who has been an outspoken advocate of the Israeli hostages and victims of Oct. 7, wore a dress in honor of those who remain captive in Gaza at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

The star walked the Grammys red carpet in a nude corset dress featuring a large yellow ribbon at the center that read, “Bring Them Home,” in honor of the 132 hostages who remain in Gaza. Montana, who is Jewish herself, also wore a silver Star of David necklace.

The Israeli hostage advocacy organization Bring Them Home has been working behind the scenes to supply yellow ribbons at events, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Stars at the 2024 Golden Globes wore yellow ribbons as a show of support for hostages, but most often it was a small gesture pinned to a star’s dress or lapel, while Tucker’s yellow ribbon was the centerpiece of her dress. 


Tucker has always been focused on using her platform to spread awareness about Holocaust education and antisemitism, even before Oct. 7, the Hollywood Reporter said. During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show last March, Tucker attributed her activism to her grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors. 

“He used to wear a pin all the time that said, ‘Never forget, never again, I’m a survivor,'” she said of her grandfather who passed away three years prior. “So now this is my turn to make sure people never forget.”

Tucker traveled to Israel in December following the deadly Hamas terror attack that left 1,200 dead and over 250 kidnapped. While in Israel, she organized a flash mob with a survivor of the Supernova music festival massacre where around 360 people were slaughtered on Oct. 7.

Despite a few stars showing support for Israel, some in Hollywood have criticized celebrities for not being as outspoken about Israel and the Oct. 7 massacre as they usually are on many political issues. 

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, for example, tore into his Hollywood colleagues at the Golden Globes early last month for their not mentioning the Israeli hostages.


“I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed, literally. And it takes a lot for me to get embarrassed,” Rapaport said in his video message posted on X. “I’m embarrassed that not one person said one thing, unless I’m mistaken, at the Golden Globes the other night about the 133 hostages that were kidnapped in broad daylight from Israel on October 7.” 

“All that billion-dollar Barbie feminism and all these young, conscious actors and actresses and there’s hostages that are the exact same age as them,” he added. “And not one actor, not one director, not one producer, not one comedian- nobody said anything before the Golden Globes, after the Golden Globes, during the Golden Globes, not one person said anything.”

He went on to offer an apology to Israel and the families of the remaining hostages “on behalf of actors” for the awards show snub. 


Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

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