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Vacate orders issued for Kenyans occupying forests, riparian areas

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Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has urged residents who have encroached on the riparian reserves and corridors to vacate immediately.

Speaking Friday during the National Tree Planting exercise, Marsabit County, Kindiki warned that those who fail to move the government will be evacuated forcefully.

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The CS said high-risk areas which include areas prone to landslides or mudslides, settlements close to filled-up public or private dams or other water reservoirs, and settlements within riparian land along rivers and other water have recorded the most human fatalities, destruction of family and business premises, death of livestock and destruction of crops.

He said the government has so far relocated more than 181,000 people who had constructed shelters and were living near the Nairobi Rivers Corridor.

At the same time, Kindiki said all persons living in Government forests must vacate immediately, including those who have acquired title deeds irregularly and unlawfully.

“We consider climate change and its devastating effects as a national security threat. We must reclaim our environment by growing enough trees for ecological sustainability” he said.


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